The Campus Cash Program

Students can earn Campus Cash in many different ways. Campus Coins can be redeemed in the Campus Store or converted to real cash at the end of the semester (4 Campus Coins = 1 US Dollar).

How To Earn Campus Cash

  1. Students earn 1 Campus Coin for every hour of after-school programing they attend.
  2. Tutors may award Campus Coins to students for performing extraordinary acts of kindness.
  3. Campus Coins may also be awarded for excellent in-school academic performance.
  4. Students get "paid" every other Friday. See the Calendar for dates.


  1. Students can spend their Campus Cash in the Campus Store for snacks, drinks, or anything else sold in the store. All items are marked with their US Dollar price and their Campus Cash price.
  2. At the end of the semester, students can redeem their unused Campus Cash for real US Dollars (4:1 ratio) only if they have an attendance of greater than 80%.