21st Ward

November Monthly Newsletter

North Campus has recently started a monthly newsletter to keep our students and as well as their parents informed with updates, events, schedule changes, student achievement and more.

The November issue addressed the North Campus schedule change, Thanksgiving break, recap of the Halloween Safe Zones event, and highlights middle school student of the month recipients.

Back to School Bash spreads positivity to community

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon in the Learning Center’s backyard. The sounds of children laughing and music blasting filled the air. The smells of hamburgers and hotdogs lingered. Local families gathered in excitement, it was indeed a community affair. On September 24th from 11am to 2pm, North Campus and the First Baptist Church of Arnold partnered together to host a Back to School Bash free for all ages.

The First Baptist Church of Arnold willingly reached out to North Campus to make the bash possible. The 21st ward community sparked the church’s interest to not only plan but prepare the entire event. The church members was heavily involved with setting up, tearing down, preparing food, painting benches, and facilitating the activities. Many of church members said they “felt the love in this community” and immediately wanted to serve. North Campus took advantage of this opportunity to celebrate how well students have started off this school year and in efforts to spread positivity.

“With the help of the First Baptist Church of Arnold, we were able to provide an entertaining and safe event for the kids and their families, all while promoting literacy!” said Learning Center Director Meghan Flannery.

The Back to School Bash had many games and activities to enjoy such as bouncy houses, face painting, balloon art, food, music, and giveaways. First Baptist Church of Arnold donated 102 backpacks filled with reading books to pass out to the children at the bash. North Campus families and community members showed their support by making the Learning Center’s backyard a full house with over 100 people in attendance.

Many North Campus students had a good time at the Back to School Bash. Learning Center student Gavin said “I liked the Back to School Bash, we got to play on the bouncy house and I got my face painted.” Students also expressed their appreciation of the giveaways and the feeling of community at the event. “I really liked my new red and blue bookbag. It was fun because I saw all my cousins and all my friends,” said Learning Center student Printez.

Due to the success of the Back to School Bash, the First Baptist Church of Arnold is considering to plan another bash with North Campus next year. This could potentially turn into an annual event. “The Back to School Bash was an excellent way for North Campus community to come together around the education of its young people,” said Flannery.