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Student Advocates

Student Advocates (SAs) are the connective tissue between school, home, and after-school.  These full time staff members engage in frequent in-school and home visits, building relationships with teachers and parents to create ongoing conversations regarding their students progress academically, behaviorally, and socio-emotionally.  This provides students, families, and teachers with the support they need to increase the student’s access to success. 

Each Student Advocate is responsible for a cohort of no more than 15 students allowing for a manageable caseload and ultimately an opportunity for meaningful relationship building with all stakeholders. 

After-School Program

Our After-School program is designed to provide an additional 20 hours a week of academic support for all of our students during those crucial hours after they leave the classroom. The typical schedule of the program is as follows (click to learn more about each part!):


tutoring and homework help

Immediately after school, students join their peers in homework time, reading, and extra one-on-one academic attention from their Student Advocate. By having already visited the student during the day, each SA is better prepared to provide support after-school hours. 



We know how vital nutrition is to growing brains, so each evening, we provide a hot meal for students between their Student Advocacy time and their Enrichment Courses. Meal time is also a place where students truly feel part of our community.


enrichment classes

Enrichment classes are designed to give students the unique opportunity to explore their interests. Each course supports one of five categories--math, science, literacy, arts, or fitness--in order to reinforce our students' academic work in innovative ways.