Our Team

Founder, President and CEO

Antonio FrencH


Amos Harris

Student Advocates


Our team of Student Advocates have combined over 50 years of educational experience and over 12 education certifications in math, ELA, and science.  The North Campus model recruits, hires, and trains certified teachers and assigns them cohorts of 15 students each. Student Advocates are responsible for making sure each of their 15 students are successful. They build relationships with students, parents, guardians, and in-school teachers. They regularly visit school and home, in addition to seeing the student at least 5 days a week in the after-school program. Our Student Advocates are responsible for identifying any obstacle that threatens to prevent a student’s success. Then, using all available resources of North Campus and our partners, we do “whatever it takes” to make sure our students are successful.

Support Staff

Our support staff are the magic behind the scenes. They are what keep each of our sites running efficiently, safely, and smoothly. Over half of our entire staff reside on campus allowing for deep and meaningful relationships to be built and sustained within the community.